Who We Are

Fast Capital was launched in 2014 with a mission to make receiving capital for small businesses fast, simple and easily accessible. We’ve been laser beam focused on removing the barriers for small and medium sized businesses to receive capital since our inception.

Growing your business in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace requires capital and getting approved for a loan through a bank or other funding companies can be overwhelming.

Fast Capital has been working around these issues by focusing our funding and approval processes around our customers by using technology to simplify the process.

The end result of all of this is over 95% of our customers are approved for funding through our simple, intuitive and user-friendly application process.

We’re On Your Team

Running and growing your business isn’t easy and you need partners you can depend on to support you.  In today’s environment customers are increasingly demanding more and always looking for the best option so you have to make sure your business presents itself in the best light and provides the highest quality of service to your clients.

We understand this and it’s why we continually pride ourselves on the long term, mutually relationships we continually build with our customers. We see ourselves as life-long partners helping you and your business reach and exceed your goals.

When you decide to work with Fast Capital, you are choosing to do business with a company who will analyze your situation and find ways to provide financing you need to allow your business to meet immediate needs and reach your goals as quickly as possible. Almost 95% of our applications are approved as our application process is much faster and more lenient than what you’d experience with a bank.