Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get funded?2022-02-16T09:48:25-05:00

Depending on the program, we can have funds in your account in as soon as 4 – 6 hours. We work fast.

Will this affect my credit score?2022-02-16T09:49:06-05:00

No, there is only a soft credit check initially before getting financing options

What if my credit score is too low or I have a negative background?2022-02-16T09:49:50-05:00

We understand that not everyone will look perfect on paper. That’s why we take a human approach to underwriting and look at the full scope of the business, rather than letting a computer algorithm determine your credit worthiness. We also have an in house credit repair team that can work side by side with our financing team to get you the best possible product for your business.

I just received financing from another company. Can I get more?2022-02-16T09:50:11-05:00

Yes, you can. We will work with you to provide additional working capital options that make the most sense for your particular situation.

I’ve gotten financing in the past and had a bad experience. Why will it be different working with you?2022-02-16T09:50:42-05:00

Great question. What separates us from most, is the emphasis we place on the relationships with our clients. There is a reason why 90% of clients who get financing through us come back for their next round of funding. Years in the finance industry, coupled with a strong customer service background, has allowed us to provide the best possible service to those that work with us.

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